Diploma related tips

by dianne on May 26, 2018

And now some tips that relate to the protection of the diploma:

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1. Get some sleep and relax before graduation

2. Come early at least half an hour and make sure nothing is forgotten at home, such as the diploma itself

3. At the graduation, when you’ll push it don’t say WATER. Remember that you have the slides from which you can always read

4. Water HAVE to say if you suddenly lost, or forgot you asked a question to which you do not know the answer. Important NOT to remain SILENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. If the diploma you asked a question off topic, then say: be Sure to study this question in his dissertation.

6. Bad questions can ask on the protection of the diploma when either you don’t like, that is prepaid has for you. Either you need to ask, and what not. This happens if you have a BORING report that no one was listening.

7. Commit yourself, what would your report listened. Use the methods of psychology. Otherwise, to ask questions bad will. On the psychology of public speaking in a separate post.

8. Program the questions that you ask will. Read about it in another post about a handout for the protection of the diploma.

9. Come to the defense of the diploma is beautiful, do yourself a holiday and then you will have a good mood, so this energy will be transferred to the state Commission.

10. Smile in any situation. This will save you in any situation on graduation:))).

11. Again – TELL me I wonder about your diploma. It is in your best interest. Just do not show that the Commission fool you. It is important to charge them with their energy and that they are imbued with your diploma. Then the questions they will ask in order to get the drop on you, and what have to learn more about the topic of your diploma.

12. Remember that if you yourself wrote a diploma, NO ONE KNOWS the SUBJECT abruptly YOU. No prepaid who sits and listens to you on defending so deep this topic is not studied. The probability that someone knows better – very, very small. So do not afraid.

13. Discover an engaging speech, because you put a lot of work into his writing and you only have 10-15 minutes that would reveal your diploma and your writings on it.

14. After your speech at the graduation read the opinion of the head of the diploma and a review of the diploma provided to you in the enterprise.

15. 98 percent you put five on the protection of the diploma, if in the opinion and reviews written you need to put the top five, and you normally acted.

16. Recommend to sharpen your performance on the diploma of the BEGINNING and the END. Psychologically they are remembered.

17. I recommend at least once to visit the diploma of their colleagues, to understand what it is. Better to do it on 4 year of University and the second time to go already to protect their fellow students, to understand who in the Commission this year and how it all happens.

18. Remember the first and last performances of graduate students. If you are a coward and want to slip in quietly with her performance at the thesis defense, is the fourth person listen with great difficulty. And take into account the hot summer in our latitudes is in General pipets. I have such a diploma was, and the air conditioning was not. Accordingly, if you want fake it with a diploma and to avoid unpleasant questions, it is better to speak first – it is better to listen to.

19. Asking questions is necessary. Each will set a maximum of 2 questions. All the diploma of the set of 2 – 6 questions. On average, 4-5. A maximum of 6-7. Because more ashamed to ask


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